The Hospital Saving Only Ghosts | Asylum Green

In rural Pennsylvania, a once strong mining industry burst into life in the early 1900s, then rapidly declined as coal supplies diminished  At a time where immigrants in the US were facing an uphill battle for citizenship, they were forced to work in coal breakers and live in the mine towns surrounding them.

After the collapse of mining, these towns were vacated. Its residents slowly moved away, each taking a thread of the infrastructure that help the city together as the left.

Sitting on the east side of a small mining town was a general hospital, beautifully constructed to care for the mining families now sit empty, only healing the echoes that grace its hallways.

I visited this hospital the day after christmas, carefully stepping over the collapsing floors that were around every corner. The hospital, which stood on top of a hill overlooked the rest of the abandoned town it resided in. For miles all you could see were empty houses and vacant structures.

Last used as a nursing home, each floor contained beds, stools, chairs and objects left behind that no one wanted when they left. The hospital itself was ready to give way to the wild Pennsylvania air that sent a chill down my spine every time it crept through a crack in the wall. After four hours of shooting, I ventured into the city to see what else this ghost town held for me.

For more photos from this location, check out my Flickr or Facebook.

Collapsing Hallway
Collapsing Hallway

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