New Jersey Saints | Asylum Green

While living in New Jersey I accidentally stumbled upon a hospital with a large abandoned wing. Situated in one of New Jersey’s dirtiest cities, this hospital was surprisingly clean on the inside.

Once a private catholic hospital in the 1800s transitioned into one of the biggest medical centers in the area today. From an insane asylum to a home for immigrants, the hospital walls had seen many different patients from many walks of life.

Now under rennovation, the history of this hospital is being saved. In contrast to ghost towns that and areas that are suffering from post-industrialization, this city is growing and utilizing its ability to reuse its existing structures.

Initially inquiring about a graduate program at a nearby university, I noticed old windows, defunct entrances and peeling paint, all signs that this hospital may have more of a story to it that I thought.

Attached to an active hospital, I strolled through a back door, trying to find my way to the closed off area. Failing, I returned with a friend a few days later to find some of the best staircases I’ve encountered, rusting away.

A unique find was a beautiful chapel in fantastic shape, only a thin layer of dust implying it hadn’t been used in a few years. Bibles and other religious items were still left behind, as if there were intentions to return soon.

For more photos from this location, check out my Flickr or Facebook

Chapel Windows


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