The Blue Hotel | Asylum Green

Awkwardly hidden on back road in the Catskills of New York sat a small hotel. This hotel had been abandoned for many years, yet it bore no grafiti and was standing up wel compared to its friends nestled throughout the area.

With the front door swinging wide open, I was sure to find my way in. With just a few rooms to see, I found myself back out front as the first snow of the season fell.

The patterns in the hotel all reminded me of the 70s, or at least what I assumed the 70s look like. Brightly colored furniture was scattered about in rooms and remains of the fun once had here were slowly rotting away in flyers on the floor.

Lightly, the flakes fell from the sky landing on the ground with the quietest pat. As the new snow blanketed the ground making it a new color, the abandoned hotel began to stand out, in all of its blue colored glory.

Abandoned Hotel

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