Not a man in Manahoy City | Asylum Green

Pennsylvania is home to more abandoned things than any other state I have visited, making it an obvious favorite of mine. Many people are familiar with the coal industry and what a huge impact it had on our environment. What many seems to forget, is how huge of an impact its collapse had on many areas. With cities built up to sustain the coal families and industry, it’s collapse had devastating effects.

In Manahoy City you’ll find rows of abandoned homes, abandoned businesses and abandoned schools. The few people that are left will tell you that Manahoy City was once a lively place to be. Now there’s nothing left. The coal breaker that once provided work and life for the city now sits abandoned in the corner of town, ominously looming above the surrounding homes.

Intrigued to see what was left of this monstrous coal breaker, I headed towards the corner of town and ventured into the breaker.

This breaker was unlike anything I had ever seen. There were more mechanical parts covered in coal dust and unidentifiable goo than one can ever imagine worked together seamlessly. From top to bottom, ever mechanism had its place-all working to break coal and deliver it the train cars below.

Abandoned Coal BreakerAt one point in time this breaker was the largest in the world, but in 2013 it sits alone, rusting slowly with each Pennsylvania winter.

Update: This coal breaker no longer exists. It has been stripped and demolished, leaving no signs of the industry that was once booming in this town.


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