Autopsy For Dinner | Asylum Green

Our nations capitol city is a wonderful but terrible place, all at the same time. Middle school trips and the American Dream all visit D.C., but if you leave the patriotic downtown area, you see the issues that are plaguing this country.
21969388162_5e6226b896_zSitting in D.C., away from the hub-bub of ‘MERICA is a huge abandoned insane asylum that has had a variety of uses throughout its life. Currently awaiting renovations from the Dept. of Homeland Security, this campus sits boring and empty, except for its beautiful autopsy theater.
The area around the hospital showed the lack of resources for those struggling in our country- a shame. Unfortunately more often than not you can see the effects of a deinstitutionalization surrounding the abandoned hospitals. Many of their patients are now homeless. In this case, a line was waiting outside an over-crowded homeless shelter in hopes of a warm place to sleep in cold January.
21793730148_25e2706f97_zAnyway, within this rad abandoned hospital was an autopsy theater unlike one I had ever seen. Blood slides from previous tests were left behind in a filing cabinet, the 16 body morgue was two sided, allowing for experimenting and learning about illness with ease. Doctors would sit in the rows of seats learning new techniques or participating in research about the body on the table.
The rest of the hospital was empty, although there was a hidden upstairs to an operating room that had seating for more observations, but it had been covered up years later in favor of an AC system.
While my photos from this spot are few and far between, I am grateful that the 5 of us all ventured out to see what this hospital held within its walls.

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