Burning Caskets | Asylum Green

14263034156_d9cd5b039c_zWhile thumbing through my Instagram feed a few months back I noticed photos of an abandoned hospital on fire. Never a good post to see. Upon further inspection I realized Middletown Psychiatric Center, located in central New York was about to see its final moments. I’d visited Middletown many times, it was a perfect stopping point to stretch my legs between my old home of Salem, MA and where I would visit friends in Hershey, PA.
The campus had about 8 abandoned buildings on it, including an empty power plant that was noteworthy. The building that had the most history, though was the one that burned. This building contained caskets, and the first floor was filled with junk from the asylum. While nothing was in the best of shape, it was sad to see it burn.
On my last trip there we decided to be daring and try to see the power plant. It was actually a lot easier than we expected, and the inside was nearly untouched. Meters and pipes were still entact- not smashed or scrapped. The paint barely peeled and the brightly colored pipes made it almost surreal to venture through the building. I constantly felt like workers would be around every corner.
14282828061_66e489930d_zYears before we’d tried to take home one of the caskets from the basement of the old building, and essentially were too afraid to. I’m regretting my lack of casket coffee table now. I can’t say the building was untouched, and time was much better spent in other buildings if you were looking to take photos in later years, however, I’ll miss stopping here to shoot this wide-open well visited building for a long time to come.
While there are still other buildings on the campus to explore, it’s unclear how much longer the state of New York will take a risk on fires destroying the property. It would not come as a surprise to see this spot become history in the next few years.

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