The Golden Light of a Maryland Asylum | Asylum Green

They say that the best time to shoot is when the sunrises and the sunsets. When it comes to abandoned buildings, this rule may be true, however you find that it’s not always conducive to being sneaky times to get in and out of buildings. Luckily, this classic Tuberculous hospital lended its walls and peeling paint to us easily late one January afternoon.

Abandoned Maryland AsylumWhile visiting friends for the new year in central PA, we decided to head south and check out this TB hospital. The exterior alone was enough to leave me satisfied leaving having shot, but we all know you can’t give up there. We continued through a carelessly thrown open door inside.


I roamed around this beautiful building as the warm winter sunlight made the rooms change colors- it was incredible. The narrow hallways would illuminate with the orange glow of the sun but if you didn’t shoot it quickly, you’d find yourself standing in the dark.

Asylum in MarylandWe crept quietly until the last drops of the sunlight were squeezed out of the sky, and the long shadows across the floor became indeterminable darkness. I have to say that I hadn’t been as please with a set I had shot such as this in a long time.

The rules about shooting at sunrise and sunset were something I had forgotten, but I now pay much more attention to. As we headed back to the car, hidden next to an oddly-placed morgue cooler in the road, I excitedly started reviewing the photos from that day. This day produced some of the best images I’ve ever taken.

A word to the wise: I was dashing around the building trying to figure out where the light was heading next instead of just paying attention to where the sun was in the sky and what floors it affected. Go in with a plan! It’s the best way to make the most of the limited golden light.

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