Train Line Power Station | Asylum Green

As our country moves away from producing good and focuses more on providing services, factories close their doors, cities loose their income, infrastructures fail and eventually there becomes copious abandoned buildings to explore.

Other times, cities still flourish and urban sprawl has high rise towers housing citizens next to a Abandoned Glenwood Power Stationtrain station, which is also adjacent to the abandoned building you’re trying to shoot. This was the case when I visited Yonkers Power Station in Yonkers, NY. Located at the Glenwood Train station stop, the power plant greets commuters with large stacks and graffiti covered walls.

While this power plant isn’t one of my favorite, it had still been awesome to watch the progression Abandoned Abandoned Glenwood Power Stationof deterioration since my first visit in 2009. Stairs I once climbed have now fallen making certain parts of the building inaccessible, and graffiti has conquered most of the reachable wall space. The graffiti, though, has drawn attention and now as Yonkers Power Station attracts the attention of artists it will see a new use as an art exhibition area. There has been an effort to stabilize walls, and make this venue still have the vibe of a power plant while providing a showcase space as well.

As far as my trips here, I can’t say any have had been super interesting. In 2009 I did a “power plant world tour” which wasn’t actually a world tour, or note worthy, but I WAS able to shoot two power plants in Philadelphia and this on my way home, and that’s when these photos are from.

As redevelopment of the space continues I’ll update this post, although as of almost 2016 it appears it’s at a stand still.

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