Train Repair Factory | Asylum Green

Growing Up Near An Abandoned Factory

i2Is something that some people choose to look back on negatively, but I think of fondly. Iron Horse Train Repair Factory was an easy after school i19stop when I was child. The factory was like the eighth world wonder when I first discovered it. More than ten years later, it’s still one of my favorite places to shoot.
When I first visited there were old MBTA buses and trains left behind. Over the years they cleaned out the old transportation machines and just left the bones of the train repair factory on the floor.

i7In the upstairs of the building is a ton of old files. From payroll, to maps of the old Boston train maps, you can find tons of treasures. My personal favorites are the yearly reports from the late 1800s, featuring the Boston & Maine railroad.

I have shot easily thousands of photos at Iron Horse and have hours of video as well. I first learned how to shoot film here, then evolved to shoot all different mediums. Over the years I’ve watched the building fall apart- more holes in the roof and siding flying off in the wind- I suspect the building doesn’t have many years left.


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