Relapse General | Asylum Green

It’s no secret that I am on the road almost 24/7 searching for something to point my camera at. Rarely, though, do I get to return to location that I truly enjoyed. In December of 2011 I ventured to Western Pennsylvania to visit this general hospital and a few others locations. This May I was able to make a return trip.

5 years can morph an abandoned building into a pile of rubble, and to be honest that’s what I expected to find when I returned to Brownsville. Surprisingly enough, the buildings were still standing.

Parking much closer that I had previously, I strolled through a wide open door on the main hospital and began to creep around. The vines overtaking the windows made for beautiful photos, and the beds were just as I remembered them in 2011.

The only scare of the day came from jumping over a failing floor to get a shot of a patient bed in a far end of the ward. Thankfully I made it in one piece, and the photo was totally worth it.

As school got out in the small mining town a group of kids came strolling in ready to party. Not being one to crash a party, I decided it was time to head on to Pittsburgh.

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