Larger Than Life | Asylum Green

Detroit, a city of pride even in its demise.

I’ve always wanted to see the Packard Plant, even knowing it’s just skin and bones of what once was a huge automotive empire. Scrappers, fires, and developers have all contributed to the demise of the Packard Plant, though recently the crumbling complex has a glimpse of hope.

Hope, however, is only a word in Detroit. To some, it’s even a dirty word, one that no one wants to really mention, because hope can be the thing that lets you down time and time again. At least in Detroit.

Hope to me is a negative word, at least when it comes to art. With plans for reuse and new security guards now patrolling the giant complex, I hopped on the opportunity to get to Detroit and see the Packard Plant.

Even in the frigid cold we traveled through windowless buildings with smiles on our faces are we took in the shear vastness of the plant. While scrappers had taken all metal, machinery, and smashed everything else, unique features such as floating wooden floors still made this place worth shooting.

Tall water towers and rooftops provided amazing views of the city. Ten years go almost all of the sky scrapers in downtown we’re abandoned; Now only a handful are. While it’s a slow and steady progression, it is still happening. I will dare to say that hope may not be such a taboo word in Detroit anymore.

Obviously Detroit is a super dangerous place, so I’d like to thank the Survival Crackahs for taking us here and watching our backs!

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