Record From The Past | Asylum Green

I was recently digging through an old organizer and was fortunate enough to find the login for my old photobuckets. After diving in, I found some photos from places that I never thought I’d see again.


Combing through photos, I found this from a totally impulsive trip to Baltimore. Before venturing south, at 18, I’d always thought that Baltimore was 1) a very scary dangerous place and 2) it was a 5+ hour flight. I was wrong on both topics.

The first spot my friend took me to take out was on an active campus, and from the outside, didn’t seem to be that interesting. Spoiler alert: I was wrong again.

Inside this building’s old walls was custom wood work and handcrafted interior details that had somehow survived throughout the years. The stairs, windows and doors all had character that was unparalleled in other places I visited that weekend.

A bonus was when instead of cleaning out this abandoned building, they left a decent amount of furniture and articles to pick through and photograph.

Last I checked this building is still standing, but I can’t speak the future of it’s beautiful walls.


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