Pratt-Pullman Railyard | Asylum Green

The abandoned Pratt-Pullman railyard in Atlanta, Georgia wasn’t originally part of our adventure plan when we initially hit the road heading south, but we took a few extra moments to stop and shoot the medium-sized complex.

Shooting a new abandoned building that you’re not familiar with can be a bit daunting, however, the internet and interior of the Pratt-Pullman railyard proved to be an easy challenge.

Abandoned Pratt RailyardCreeping throughout the complex was cold, apparently, Georgia isn’t the warmest in January, even if you are used to New England Winters. The lack of windows whipped our faces and the cold bit at our noses. We shot the entire building with haste, moving from the repair shop to the power plant as the sun rose directly above us. With the sun becoming a nuisance, we decide to head out and swing over to an abandoned mansion in central Georgia.

Read more about the abandoned mansion in Georgia in my next blog post!

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