Sneaking Suspicions | Asylum Green

Jet Blue knows that I love to travel, especially in the dead of winter. Abandoned Pratt railroad Georgia

This year their winter sale presented the opportunity to fly to Tennessee for only $96! Needless to say, myself and two friends headed south for a 5-day trip to see as many abandoned gems as we could.

We started our trip in Tennessee, which is also where we chose to end our trip.

Tennessee had a gorgeous old hospital that was filled with bees. I’ve never been so glad to have visited a hospital in the dead of winter.

Abandoned Bolivar HospitalThe cold winter sun blasted through the windows in the attic of the asylum, illuminating the suitcases left behind by patients, surrounded by the ominous bees’ nests. While I poked around the suitcases, I kept hearing a non-existent buzzing that I was sure a death march of bees coming after me.

We shot the rest of the building which wasn’t overly interesting, aside from some cool relics left behind in the library and patient intake.

Last used as a children’s reform school, (I believe) there were tons of files outlining crimes committed by the children, their home life, and possible reasons for their actions and violations. Needless to say this ALSO made my skin crawl.

Abandoned Bolivar Hospital

We ventured out of the small western Tennessee town we were in and headed south, hoping to find more abandoned buildings to shoot in our next destination, Alabama. Unfortunately, we were followed out of the small town by a mental health officer, which made going over the speed limit to hit the local Taco Bell a challenge.

Read more about my abandoned adventures in Tennessee and beyond in my other blogs!

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